History and Structure


Athletic therapists have been contributing to the allied health care professions’ advancements over the last five decades. Originating from a group of highly experienced first responders, the pioneers of the profession perfected their skills in musculoskeleteal injury assessment and rehabilitation as well as injury prevention.

Today, athletic therapists work in various settings such as professional and national level sports, private clinics, hospitals, educational institutions, sports clubs and many more.


CTSQ is a non-profit organization. It is managed by a seven seats board of director elected by its membership. This board defines the CTSQ objectives and put them forward while taking into consideration the advantages for its membership and the general population. An executive director is also hired to help the board realizing those projects and to manage daily office tasks. A number of committee receives diverse mandates for further the established objectives.

Volunteer Board of Directors

Fayez Abdulrahman, B. Sc. CAT (C)

Sonia Adhami, B. Sc. CAT (C)

Karam Al-Hamdani, B. Sc. CAT (C)

Amy Fortin-Barrette, B. Sc. CAT (C)
Philippe Fait, Ph. D. CAT (C)
Maxim Hann, B. Sc. CAT (C)
Kyle Sutton, B. Sc. CAT (C)


Eric Grenier-Denis, B. Sc. CAT (C)


CTSQ Sub-Committees

Continuing Education Committee

This is a full-time standing committee for the CTSQ that is responsible for developing and maintaining a continuing education program for Certified Athletic Therapists in the province of Quebec.

  • CEC Subcommittee for Urgent Care
  • CEC Subcommittee for Clinical Care
  • CEC Subcommittee for Reconditioning

Ethics Committee

The committee is tasked with pursuing, investigating and examining any claims made against a CTSQ member.

Ad Hoc Concussion Standards Committee

This committee is to Research/Investigate/Establish/Disseminate operating standards for management of concussions by Athletic Therapists in the province of Quebec.

Strategic Task Force Committee

This committee is tasked with developing a strategic plan for the CTSQ and our membership on how to use our momentum on government recognition and create a push towards permanent status.

Candidate Advisory Committee

This  committee’s mandate is to bring attention to the CTSQ about issues important to our candidate members.