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Concussion Management Guidelines, 3rd Edition
On October 6, we published an update to this reference document. We would like to thank all members of the Committee for their excellent work and to remind everyone to review the guidelines to ensure that your concussion management practices align with the current standards in our profession.


Athletic Therapy in Medias
For over a year now, Roland Mailhot has been tasked with promoting the CTSQ in news media outlets throughout Quebec. Many of you have given interviews and collaborated in reports over the last year [...]. Read more


Reduction in Annual Fees for Certified Members
With the member contribution period fast approaching, the CTSQ’s administrators decided to reduce the 2021 annual contribution for certified members. A rebate of 30% will be automatically applied to your annual bill. Read more


Profile Updates
Have you updated your profile with the CTSQ? If you wish to retain visibility through our website’s search engine, you should update the relevant section of your profile. Read more


National Certification Exam – January 30-31, 2021
The CATA recently announced that a certification exam will be held in January in several Canadian cities to adapt to the pandemic situation. This exam will also override the interim status held by several therapists on the date chosen by the CATA. All members who have been granted this status must complete the exam if they wish to continue practicing in 2021.

Position Opening on the Concussions Management Committee
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President's Corner
The fall season this year has been no different than the rest of 2020 and has been overshadowed by the coronavirus outbreak. The global pandemic has had a serious impact on our professional clinical activities and out in the field.
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Fighting Diabetes Together
In order to always be a strong ally for their partnerships, TD Assurance presents its newest alliance with LMC Healthcare and their Diabetes Prevention Programm. It is free, so do not hesitate to share it with your surrounding!
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A Hint of SAGE
Save money by getting your medicine for 3 months instead of 1 month at a time
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What Direction is Pre-Hospital Traumatology Going?
At the Colloque intercollégial des soins préhospitalier d’urgence held in Shawinigan, Quebec on January 25, 2020, I had the privilege of presenting on the future of pre-hospital traumatology around the world.
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Telemedicine Experiences of Athletic Trainers and Orthopaedic Physicians for Patients With Musculoskeletal Conditions
In the COVID era, one would find it interesting to look at the perception of tele-health by athletic therapists, as it was put forward during these unprecedent times.
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7 erreurs à éviter quand on fait du sport chez soi


Les médecins du sport sonnent l’alarme pour la santé des Québécois
Bientôt la fin des bagarres dans le sport?
La Rotonde


Le port du masque pendant le sport est sans risque selon un chercheur saskatchewanais
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