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By-laws Changes
Some changes to the by-laws were adopted by the CTSQ’s administrators lately. You can look at the most recent edition of the document on our website under About the CTSQ > Regulation. Keep reading


Athletic Therapy Students Registration
As of now, students registered in an athletic therapy program willing to join the CTSQ will be able to register from August 1st to September 30 annually. We will be working with the athletic therapy programs to make sure future students are educated on the benefits of joining the Corporation. Keep reading


Athletic Therapists in Media
In the past months, we had the chance to see several members in various media and have their extraordinary work highlighted. We would like to thank Roland Mailhot and all those who participates in our media projects. For the curious mind, take a look at the articles here!


Annual General Meeting 2023
This year, the annual general meeting will be held virtually once more, on April 18, 2023, at 7pm. The official notice will be sent out later, but save the date right away!


Charting: New Regulations Coming
Since December, a committee has been working on official regulations for standardized field charting. At the moment, there are no official resources pertaining to this aspect in any other professions, including ours. Keep reading
FEBRUARY 18-19, 2023
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President's Corner
The 35th anniversary of the CTSQ is a highlight of the upcoming year. For 35 years, athletic therapists have worked hard to make our profession known [...].
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Professional Ethics, a Matter of Importance
Useful information for athletic therapists.
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Concordia Research and Education for Athletic Therapy Excellence (CREATE) 2023
The CREATE conference, on May 18, 2023, is the only free academic event in Canada gathering professional researchers and students [...].
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Annual Athletic Therapy Conference 2023
Save the date now for the next CaTS! The organizing committee is working on the last details and registration will start soon. You will be able to book your room, register for the lectures and get your banquet ticket all at once with us! A great weekend awaits us, filled with fun and moments of reunion!
May 26-27, 2023
Legal statement
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Normative values of resting heart rate variability in young male contact sport athletes
The objective of this study was to identify the main determinants of heart rate variability (HRV) in male athletes aged 14 to 21 years who practice competitive contact sports [...].
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NFL Presents: Emergency Preparedness in Sports


L’acceptation des risques dans le sport : deux décisions récentes de la Cour supérieure
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