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Governing Documents Updates
On November 23, 2021, the CTSQ’s directors voted an update for the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct. We would like to remind our members that they have to inform CTSQ’s Ethics committee of any witnessed misconduct [...]. Keep reading

Diversity and Inclusion Survey
Answer our survey now. In a wish to always provide the best services to its members, the CTSQ would like to survey its membership regarding diversity and inclusion. We are sharing here an online survey and are asking all our members to participate. Results will be shared with you in the next Newsletter.

Media Visibility
Did you notice the various media apparition from several CTSQ’s members last December? Roland Mailhot, our media relationist, worked and still works hard so we ca be seen and heard. Keep reading
Free psychological support programm available for health insurance participants

Document only available in French, but the service is offered in English as well

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President's Corner
The last several months have been busy in the world of athletic therapy. At the end of October 2021, the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (CATA)’s Board of Directors voted to revoke one of its general by-laws [...].
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Beneva… but later on!
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Sport’Aide: Building healthy, safe, non-violent sports environments
During our recent series of presentations at the Annual Athletic Therapy Conference, we had a chance to sit down with Sylvain Croteau from Sport’Aide [...].
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Professionals could save on car, home, condo and tenant’s insurance.
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The use of manual lymphatic drainage on clinical presentation of musculo-skeletal injuries: A systematic review
The aim of this study was to provide a systematic review on the applicability of manual lymphatic drainage in improving edema and clinical presentation postmusculoskeletal injuries.
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Pour garder toute sa tête

Laurence Lafrenière coordonne l’équipe médicale
Le Nord
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N.L. athletic therapist to join Canadian men's hockey team at Olympics
CBC News
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Des médecins devenus pros du ski pour les Jeux de Pékin
Agence France-Presse
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