Publication policy

In an attempt to increase the quality of its services, the CTSQ has adopted a new publication policy to ensure the same quality of the resources available on its website.



  • Each publication must be at least written in proper French; an English publication cannot be more complete than a French text.
    • We strongly suggest that you write complete sentence and avoid a point form text; this reduces the chance of making mistakes.


  • Each publication must be properly written in terms of grammar, punctuation and syntax in both French and English.
    • The CTSQ will individually check each publication received. If the quality of the text does not meet its standard, the author will be advised to rewrite it.
    • The same rule will be applied to any PDF documents uploaded.


  • To ensure a proper review of every text, a 48 hour delay may occur before the publication of an offer, no matter how urgent the offer is.