Careers in Athletic Therapy

Careers in Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapists are currently employed in many sport medicine settings including:

  • Universities, CEGEPs, Colleges and Secondary Educational Institutions

Athletic Therapists work with varsity athletes providing expertise on injury prevention, emergency and acute care, assessment and rehabilitation of injuries as well as developing conditioning programs. Many Athletic Therapists also teach related subject matters at various academic institutions.

  • Professional Sports

Certified Athletic Therapists are currently employed by professional teams in the NHL, CFL, NBA, MLB, NWHL, and the NLL. These therapists are responsible for injury prevention, emergency and acute injury care, assessment and complete rehabilitation of injuries and development of conditioning programs.

Careers in Athletic Therapy
  • Local, Provincial and National Amateur Athletes

Certified Athletic Therapists are an integral part of the ongoing care of national athletes. Athletic Therapists either work directly with the team or are selected to the medical teams for games such as; Olympics; Pan Am; Universiade; Commonwealth; Canada Games, etc.

  • International Competitions

Athletic Therapists are part of the integrated support healthcare system for international events such as the Olympics, Pan American Games, Commonwealth games, World Cup events, and Maccabiah Games.

  • Private Sports Medicine Clinics

A number of Athletic Therapists work in fee-for-service clinics, treating a variety of injuries and conditions. Treatment will include injury assessment and rehabilitation as well as conditioning programs for all active Canadians.

  • Private Companies

Athletic Therapists also provide services to large private companies, as case workers or on-site medical staff. Some examples include insurance companies such as SunLife and Manulife, community gym training centres such as Energie Cardio or Nautilus, or large production companies such as le Grand Ballet Canadien and Cirque du Soleil.

  • Specialized Rehab Settings

Athletic Therapists can specialize in many different areas of rehabilitation such as Cardiac rehab, Reconditioning Specialization and Aquatic Therapy.