Leave of Absence

According to the actual regulation, an «athletic therapist» member can apply for a leave of absence of 6, 8 or 12 months for one of the following reasons:

Only professional members («athletic therapist») can apply for a leave of absence. At the time of the leave, they accept not to practise their profession and they will receive in exchange a discount on their annual fee.

At any given time during a leave of absence period, an athletic therapist can ask, by email or registered mail, to reactivate their status. The member shall submit appropriate documentation required by the Corporation to validate their admissibility to the practice of the profession. They shall wait for an official confirmation from the CTSQ before returning to their professional activities. A member returning to work before the end of their leave will also have to pay the difference between their paid dues and the regular annual fee.

During their leave, an athletic therapist, cannot sit on the board of administrators, but they can sit on one of the committees and they keep their right to vote at assemblies.